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Straw Pellets Ltd are primarily a sustainable fuel supply company which offers the latest renewable energy for delivery across the U.K.

After extensive research and development, we have identified several key markets for our product and now offer straw pellets for pond filtration, horse bedding, cat litter and other small animal bedding.

We are the home of the Stablegold, and Felinegold brands of straw pellet products which are available to buy online along with our sustainable Straw Pellet Fuel.

Our straw pellets are produced completely in house from locally sourced straw, baled with our own team of balers. The straw we use is quality controlled and we only use the brightest and driest straw for pelleting.

Please feel free to browse our site for more information about the pellets and the pelleting process, or select products from the right hand column to jump straight to our online shop where you can buy and have pellets delivered straight to your front door or business.

Make an online enquiry here or call us on 01507 359 085 for all enquiries, or for a quote, or check out our online shop for current prices.