Straw Pellets
for fuel

Our Biomass straw pellets have been developed for both the commercial and domestic markets. They have been produced with our own pelleting plant from good quality locally sourced wheat and oilseed rape straw, a sustainable bi-product of the cereal harvest. Thanks to this, the energy contained in the original raw material is highly concentrated, giving a fuel with very good energy qualities, caloric, with minimal amounts of ash. The burning of biomass pellets causes zero CO2 emission. This is due to the fact that the plant during its growth absorbs as much carbon dioxide, as is feed into the atmosphere during burning. The ash from burning pellets can be used as a mineral fertiliser, due to its high content of elements vital for plant growth.

Straw pellets are favourable in the U.K because of our large grain market with over 2 million hectares of wheat grown annually. Straw is a bi- product of the crops grown. Farmers are now seeing a value as a revenue in itself. As long as cereal crops are grown, straw will be available, unlike wood which is becoming increasingly expensive and is now being imported in huge quantities from ports all over the world.

The characteristics of straw pellet as fuel.
Straw pellets, as an energy fuel, contain a relatively high amount of volatile ingredients,
that make this kind of fuel burn very effectively.

Straw  Pellets can be used as an alternative heating fuel to Oil and Gas when
burnt in a suitable biomass boiler.

Straw Pellets ltd are the sole importers of Carborobot Biomass boilers,
operating efficiently on straw pellets and other biomass fuels.
See our Biomass boiler page for more details.