All Smaller items like cat litter, small animal bedding, fish pond pellets etc, include delivery in the prices shown

For FelineGold, AquaticGold, RepGold, Small Animal Bedding & sample deliveries
When ordering individual bags the orders are sent out via a Parcel Company, if an order of 6 bags or more is required we reserve the right to send this through the pallet ways system as detailed for the Horse Bedding & Biomass Fuel deliveries.

For Horse Bedding & Biomass Fuel deliveries
All deliveries are made using a pallet network system; the pallets are moved from the lorry using a trolley jack via the back tail lift.

Please make sure that you give us any helpful instructions and information if your property or business premises are hard to reach, or will be unsuitable for a large lorry, a small vehicle can be requested, but please bear in mind that a small vehicle is not suitable when ordering a 1000kg Bulk Bag.

Things to consider...
• Narrow roads may be unsuitable for large delivery lorries.
• The delivery area should be flat, rather than a steep slope.
• Pallet trucks don’t work on loose ground such as grass or gravel
• The delivery lorry won’t have a fork lift truck or a crane.
• You may need additional help in order to get your pellets to exactly where you want them

Please note that the delivery company will charge us if there isn’t anyone in to receive the delivery, or access is restricted, and they have to try again. Whilst we understand that your circumstances can change, we do reserve the right to pass on these costs to you.


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